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LaMotaGate! SOS OR resigns. Corruption example clear.


Criminals in government continue to disappoint as the Secretary of State in Oregon, which is the #2 government position behind the governor, just resigned because she took big money from a “business” group that is under investigation.

The SOS Fagan took money as well as signed a consulting agreement with the same company even when she is the elected official for the state of Oregon. Bizarre for sure. And criminal in every regard as she was getting paid by THE PEOPLE of Oregon as a public official and then was double dipping by accepting a “consulting” contract by the same business that she is to regulate.

The things that are really profound with this example is there are many other “politicians” who did the same thing. The governor elect Kotek still had the money the same “business” gave her for campaign finance. I immediately said “how is that when she was supposed to spend that money given to her during the campaign on campaigning, not save it in her bank account. That is against campaign finance rules.”

Go listen to the episode and read the description as it has more details. The episode title is LamotaGate. Dirty money. Criminals in Oregon gov. They got caught. Fake biz owners. OR SOS. OR Governor. More criminals in politics. Arrest them all!!!

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