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Nazi ideology did not die, it moved around the world. Know your enemy Brothers & Sisters


The Nazis did not lose they simply moved from Europe to America and then they started changing the language so we could not recognize them for who they are.

From our decades of research it seems that the nazis became eugenics obsessed to develop ways to control disempower and kill others in the name of saving the planet. It is just a “coincidence” that all the psychopaths involved and recruited steal lots of money from WE THE PEOPLE thru government spending, which is WE THE PEOPLE money.
The criminal cabal members continues to lie steal cheat & kill in the name of science when their science is fake like mockingbird media.
Please take time to listen to our daily podcasts as we provide detailed research there so WE THE PEOPLE know what is really going on and not the fakenews put out 24/7 by the psychopath global criminal cabal who play gob against The Almighty GOD and Our Heavenly Father.
Please share this with your friends family and loved ones so WE THE PEOPLE know the truth as the truth will make you free (John 8:32 in the Holy Bible)
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