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2018 Farm Bill. Hemp legalized. FDA paid by big pharma to suppress WE THE PEOPLE taking back our health


The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp in the US. This was great!

People all over These United States, A Constitutional Republic, got excited as the potential of hemp has been known. The farmers see a new crop to rotate into their schedule. The customer market eager by evidence the number one search option on all search engines until 2019 was “cbd” or “hemp oil”. The retailers prepared to support the entire movement, then the criminals snuck in on several fronts.

The criminals include the pos pharma companies (individuals and board of directors) that want to “own” your healthcare. You know, like they controlled it during the plandemic. They received a ‘blank check’ from governments (WE THE PEOPLE’s money) all over the world during the plandemic with their continued payoffs and bribes as so many in government are pitiful weak cowards that will take a few dollars to sellout their own country. All should be held to justice with permanent prosecution! They are truly wicked evil people intentionally working against WE THE PEOPLE in attempt to TAKE BACK OUR OWN HEALTH.

Go to and search pfizer bribes. Search any other pharma company that is poisoning people with their “drugs” that are synthetic garbage. There is long standing evidence of conspiring with pos people who will do for the special interest before they will do for WE THE PEOPLE.

Are you tired of criminals like me? Share this info and share the content we provide as the scumbags at technology/tyranny companies try to bury us because we are ‘Speaking Truth, against the lies”. All our podcast episodes are available on our website

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