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Paul (Profoundly Conscious=PC)

Creator – Online Host – MMJ Advocate

A free thinking country boy raised in N GA, with roots out in Texas, he always knew the benefits of The Plant. Then in 2015 he had to use The Plant to recover from a life changing injury. On that journey he became an advocate for The Plant as it helped when nothing else could.

During those years of recovery, PC met so many military service members at doctors appointments and began to understand more about their injuries, their stories, and their love of These United States. He has always been Patriotic and supported veterans. Now PC is determined to help educate those who have listened to the propaganda about “refer madness” to understand the Truth about The Plant. The Plant has medicinal benefits, industrial benefits, and benefits that we have yet to understand. Best believe, we are paying attention and working on ways to bring those ideas to life.


Co-Founder | CTO | Creative Director

Cam is a Military Veteran with a diverse background ranging from audio engineering, architectural design and software development.  Cam journey into the cannabis industry was influenced by awareness and location. After heavy traveling during most of his childhood, then making a decision to leave the military in 2014, Cam settled in the NW where the emerging cannabis industry was just beginning to awake.  His fascination by cannabis & hemp was discovered while witnessing the medical benefits for anxiety, depression and PTSD after leaving the military, and seeing the medicinal power through some of his friends and family. Cam has wrote many papers on the benefits of using hemp as an alternative to many agricultural solutions and materials such as concrete, plastic, and paper. Through NEO420, Cameron hopes to spread awareness about the “planet-saving” crop, that could also help humanity. Most importantly, Cam has a vision of seeing justice served to wrongfully convicted minorities in America during the years of prohibition.

“NEO420 gives me the opportunity to channel all of my creative abilities into something I believe could change the world.”