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The Silent Weapon used against Humanity. Bill Cooper


This is Neo420 Talks the podcast Speaking Truth against the lies?????This global criminal cabal has been working right up under our noses and has been silently moving forward with a one-world government, known as the New World Order. The time whenever we all set back and thought that things were happening organically is gone as we’re realizing now things have been planned and orchestrated by a small group of psychopath criminals.  Now if you wonder how it happened let me offer this Bill Cooper

The system is operated by computer programming in banks instead of the military general.

No obvious physical damage thou it interferes with every part of your social lives. It has an unmistakable noise and  mistakenly it appears in all aspects of her life.

The public cannot comprehend this silent weapon and they are subdued like no other way. They know something is wrong because of the technical nature this weapon they are not acting in rational ways.

2 thoughts on “The Silent Weapon used against Humanity. Bill Cooper

  1. This is a power topic as the criminals that we see but don’t want to admit seem to always do things against humanity claiming it will be better for humans. Doubletalk of the bible comes to mind. Thank you for posting. We will share with others.

    1. Thank you for reading, and the comment. We appreciate that you are willing to share as that is caring!

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