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NEO420 Talks podcast description has links. Check them out

NEO420 Talks podcast description has links. Check them out

Here is what the current description in each podcast reads:

Celebrate, The Savior is Here!
Jesus Christ is Alive!
Get to know Jesus Christ, He will change your life!!!

Go to GOD for discernment and wisdom.
Know the Truth as the Truth will make you free! (John 8:32)
The Pledge of Allegiance
NEO420 = Real News + Real Information for WE THE PEOPLE

WE THE PEOPLE are at war with the deepstate criminal cabal!!!
Turn off your tv, radio, and stop listening to paid professional liars spreading propaganda.

***SUPPORT Independent Free Speech Reporting***
Thank you for the SUPPORT & SHARING the TRUTH!!!
Podcast  link is here
The video channel link is here.

The Viral Delusion


DARPA Blackjack

Ashli Babbit false flag Jan 6 video evidence


Rumsfeld admitted $2.3 Trillion missing from Pentagon Sept 10 2001.

Planes did NOT bring down the two towers.

George Bush Sr was CIA director before being Vice President then President.

Towers that fell:
-Building 1
-Building 2
-Building 7 (seldom reported even though BBC reporter reported building down before it happened)

Support this independent Free Press

Review our previous posts here in our blog, our podcast as we go in depth, and our video channel as we provide daily reports of REAL NEWS + REAL INFORMATION For WE THE PEOPLE!


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