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Jack Dorsey is a criminal. Likely an asset of global criminal cabal. Proof provided.

The story of Jack Dorsey is very suspicious. He “started” a social engineering company in commie California that became popular, with all the pumping of fake people.


He facilitated the suppression of Free Speech in These United States A Constitutional Republic with the social engineering platform. This suppression was against the Constitution First Amendment, but none of the sellouts or traitors did anything about it. They allowed it.

Then musky Elon decided to “buy it”. The reality is Elon paid off the traitors at twitter. He could have done so much better with the money, but he didn’t. And this is even when a third party expert cyber analyst reported 80% or more of twit was fake bots. When you step back and critically think, you will realize that Jack and the criminals at twit were falsifying the actual user numbers by 80% or more. This is fraud!

Well, Jack has done it again with “his” new company Block. Recently in an article a “short seller Hindenburg Research alleged the fintech overstated its customer base, as well as facilitating fraud and other criminal activity with Cash App”. This is exactly what Jack did with twit. He alleged more users than there were and he allowed criminal activity to be conducted.


My conclusion, Jack is a cia-ass-et who is doing the damage of his global criminal cabal psychopaths conspiring against WE THE PEOPLE of These United States A Constitutional Republic and WE THE PEOPLE of the Free World!

This and more is covered in our podcast episode titled Twitter criminal cia asset Jack Dorsey. Overstated users. Facilitated fraud. Mocking JFK. 

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